Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication Studies is to produce and disseminate communication related knowledge. Our community of scholars accomplishes this mission by collaborating with and serving others in the communication discipline, college, university, community and region.

Fulfillment of this mission requires us to take on several roles, in each of which we manifest the core values of our community:

As engaged citizens, we value diversity in its many forms, artistic expression, social responsibility and participation, ethical communication, and critical and creative thinking. We respect differences of opinion and consider their airing essential to personal growth. We are advocates for the free and open exchange of ideas and promote its importance in maintaining democratic ideals.

As knowledge producers, we engage in artistic and scholarly activities that are practical, theoretical, critical, and aesthetic in nature. We adhere to ethical principles in conducting these activities. We inform various publics about effective communicative functioning, and consuming communication related information.

As educators and advisors, we seek to instill in our students a lifelong thirst for inquiry and learning about communication, and to promote the value of a liberal arts education. We offer a set of courses focusing on communication in interpersonal, organizational, public, and mediated contexts and adapt them accordingly to address the needs of our students as they participate in a dynamic and pluralistic society.