Alumni Spotlight: Sammi Vogel

Advisory Board / Alumni / Friend

By Brianna Creech, Film/Media & Public Relations major, class of 2019

URI alumnus Sammi Vogel, HBO's Brand Project Coordinator

URI Alumni Sammi Vogel is the Brand Project Coordinator at HBO. She works on promotional assets that are seen on HBO’s linear, social, and streaming platforms

Four years after graduation, Sammi Vogel, is using the tools Harrington School gave her to build HBO’s brand.  

At URI Vogel was a communication studies major with a theatre minor.  She was an executive producer for a student-run television series “Dimensions of Diversity,” which she credits to sparking her interest in television.

As the Brand Project Coordinator she works on promotional assets that are seen on HBO’s linear, social, and streaming platforms. On a daily basis she works with several different teams within Consumer Marketing  including Operations, Creative Services, Marketing, Social Media, and Promotion Scheduling. Daily, she makes sure all promotions are approved, delivered, and available for linear/platform play.

“The Harrington School provided me with a skill set that I’ve been able to apply into my post-college life since the day I started applying for jobs in my field,” Vogel said. “The internship program that I did sophomore and junior year was a remarkable experience.”

Vogel was able to intern at two top television programs – The People’s Court and Sesame Street – for college credit.  She found her current job at HBO through her previous position at The Food Network/Cooking Channel.  She was coming up on an end date as a freelance Production Assistant and began networking with her television contacts.

“A couple days later, I was opening an email from the director of marketing operations at HBO for an interview,” Vogel said. “Turns out the President from one of the production houses I worked with at Food Network knew a producer at HBO and the rest is history! It’s quite incredible what the power of networking can do and where it can bring you.”

As a proud new addition to the Executive Advisory Board for The Harrington School, Vogel looks forward to helping Harrington students grow their own network.

Her television story is only in its beginning chapters and we are excited to see her future success.