Mundorf, Norbert

Norbert Mundorf


Communication Studies/ Faculty & Staff/ Full Professor/ Graduate/ Undergraduate


Ph.D, Mass Communication (Social
Indiana University, 1987
Staatsexamen English/German
Bonn University, Germany, 1983
M.A., German
Indiana University, 1982


  • COM520: Media Seminar


  • GCH104 Grand Challenges: Sustainability and Behavior
  • COM/SUS315 Environmental Dimensions of Communication
  • COM354/BUS317 Global Business Communication Exchange
  • COM381 Communication Research Methods
  • COM410 Communicating Climate Change
  • COM440 Telecommunications Theory and Audience Behavior

Univ. of Goettingen

  • Managing Climate Change Impacts

With University of Braunschweig & St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Global Online Debate

Research/Professional Experience:

1987 Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island

1993 Associate Professor/ Tenure/ University of Rhode Island

1994 Visiting Professor, University of Mainz, Germany

1998 Professor, University of Rhode Island

2010 Full Professor III, University of Rhode Island

2013 Sabbatical, University of Goettingen, Germany

Dr. Mundorf jamming at the beach

Research Summary

  • 2 edited books
  • 30 referred articles
  • 31 book/encyclopedia
  • 53 conference papers

Funded Research

(Total Funding received = $1,564,853; continuous research funding since 2000)

Sustainability 2000 – present

$76,622 Interactions of Transportation and Telecommunications Behaviors in Relation to RIIR: Modeling the User Perspective. URI Transportation Center (N. Dholakia, PI), 2000.

$109,000, Exploring Ways of Influencing Transport Behavior through Telecommunications Technology URI Transportation Center (N. Dholakia, N. Mundorf, PI), 2001.

$30,635 Adding Sustainable Transportation Options in Communication Courses. URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2008.

$296,687 Collaborative For Change: Linking Natural, Behavioral And Communication Sciences To Enhance Community Well-Being In The Face Of Climate Change. – RI Sea Grant (P. Rubinoff, PI), 2009.

$59,836 Encouraging Alternative Transportation Behavior among Baby Boomers. New England Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2011.

$85,894 Developing Tailored Intervention Technology for Alternative Transportation. URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2011-12.

Transportation Behavior Change 2001 – present

$90,742 Creating Safe Transportation Options for College Students URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2001-02.

$96,100 Encouraging Responsible Transportation Behavior among College Students. URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2003-04.

$82,877 Change Strategies to Promote Safe Transportation Behavior. URI Transportation Center/RIDOT (N. Mundorf, PI), 2004-05.

$47,507 Improving Safe Transportation and Alcohol Awareness Messages. URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2005-06.

$70,000 Improving Seatbelt Use among High School Students. URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2007-08.

$43,950 Improving Seatbelt Use among High School Students (Year 2). URI Transportation Center (N. Mundorf, PI), 2009.



Dholakia, R. R., Mundorf, N., & Dholakia, N. (1996). New Infotainment Technologies in the Home: Demand-side Perspectives. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Dholakia, N., Fritz, W., Dholakia, R.,R., and Mundorf, N. (2002). Global E-commerce and Online Marketing: Watching the Evolution. Westport, CT: Quorum.

Other Selected Publications

Mundorf, N., Dholakia, N., Dholakia, R. R., & Xiao, J.J. (2009). Automobile traffic impact of distance learning. In P.L. Rogers, C., G.A. Berg, J.V. Boettcher, L. Justice, and K. Schenk.Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, (pp. 132-137). Hershey, PA: Idea Group.

Mundorf, N. (2007). Virtual, self-directed learning: An international perspective. In H. Neuendorff, H. Oberquelle, B. Ott, and C.M. Schlick. [Work Design in the Network Economy] (pp.41-64). Hohengehren (Germany): Schneider.

Mundorf, N. (2007). Change Strategies to Promote Safe Transportation Behaviors. Final Report to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Division of Highway Safety.

Mundorf, N. (2007). Improving Safe Transportation and Alcohol Awareness Messages. Final Report URI Transportation Center.

Mundorf, N., Mundorf, J., & Brownell, W. (2006). Communication technologies and older adults. In R. Schulz, L. Noelker, R. L. Sprott, and K. Rockwood, Encyclopedia of Aging.(Vol. 1 pp. 242-247) New York: Springer.

Mundorf, N., Allen M., D’Alessio, D.,& Emmers-Sommers, T. (2006). Effects of sexually explicit media. In R. W. Preiss, B. M. Gayle, N. Burrell, M., Allen, & J. Bryant, Mass Media Effects Research: Advances through Meta-Analysis (pp. 181-198), Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Mundorf, N. & Bryant, J. (2002). Realizing the social and commercial potential of interactive technologies. Journal of Business Research, 665-670.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mundorf’s research interests include media effects, digital communication, electronic commerce, global communication, as well as transportation, sustainability and behavior change. He has worked with the URI Transportation Center and Fraunhofer ISI (Karlsruhe, Germany) on issues related to Virtual Mobility, in particular Distance Learning and Transportation. He is co-editor of New Infotainment Technologies in the Home: Demand-Side Perspectives (Erlbaum, 1996) and Global E-commerce and Online Marketing (Quorum Books, 2002) and has published extensively in domestic and international journals. Dr. Mundorf has been the P.I. or Co-P.I. in funded projects exceeding $1.5 million, related to health promotion (smoking, alcohol, DUI), sustainability and behavior, information technology, teaching innovation, and sea-level rise preparedness.

Dr. Mundorf joined URI in 1987. His teaching interests include sustainability and communication, electronic media programming and effects, global communication, electronic commerce, and experimental research methods. He currently teaches a Grand Challengescourse, Sustainability and Behavior Change. He served as Graduate Director in Communication Studies and Chair of the Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee from 2009 to 2012. He is currently developing an interdisciplinary major in Environmental Studies as well as a Masters in Environmental Communication.   Dr. Mundorf is  the co-chair of the conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies in Providence, July 31-August 4, 2014.