McClure, Kevin

Kevin McClure

Chair, Department of Communication Studies, Harrington School of Communication and Media

Communication Studies/ Faculty & Staff/ Full Professor/ Graduate/ Harrington School-Wide/ Program Chair/ Undergraduate

Dr. McClure joined the faculty in 1996. He teaches and/or has taught courses in propaganda, the ethics of persuasion, rhetorical theory and criticism, American public address, persuasion, public speaking and introduction to communication studies.

Dr. McClure’s scholarly activities focuses on analyzing communicative events in order to account for the potential influence and impact that these events may have politically, socially, or culturally. More specifically, his research employs, develops, and extends critical rhetorical theories and methods in the analysis of communicative phenomena. His focus on communication’s role in human affairs intersects with such disciplines as philosophy, literary criticism, politics, history, sociology, psychology, film, poetry, music and religion.