Hensley Owens, Kim

Kim Hensley Owens

Associate Professor, Writing & Rhetoric

Associate Professor/ Faculty & Staff/ Writing & Rhetoric

Kim Hensley Owens was on sabbatical in spring 2014. She researched the (former) Mexican American Studies program in Tucson, Arizona. This research project brought together multiple perspectives on teaching and knowledge, and was spawned by her own history teaching English in Tucson as well as her work training K-12 teachers to teach writing.  Hensley Owens’ previous work has also joined multiple perspectives, such as her research on women’s everyday childbirth writing, which combines women’s perspectives and ways of knowing with medical perspectives and ways of knowing, aligning rhetorics of health, medicine, and bodies. Professor Hensley Owens has also researched the relationship between writing and technologies, particularly in terms of technologies’ effects on writers’ bodies.

Professor Hensley Owens teaches a wide range of courses in Writing and Rhetoric ranging from first-year composition (WRT 104) to general education courses like Travel Writing (WRT 305) and Writing Health and Disability (WRT 306) to graduate seminars such as Rhetorical History and Theory (WRT 512) and Rhetorics of/and Reproduction (WRT 645). She also trains college writing teachers in Methods of Teaching College Writing (WRT 999) and prospective K-12 teachers in Teaching Composition (WRT 435/EDC 435).

Kim earned a PhD and an MA in English (both with concentration in Writing Studies) at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, and a BA in English and Spanish Education at the University of Arizona.

Recent Publications
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