Gidley, Thomas

Thomas Gidley

Per Course Instructor, Writing & Rhetoric

Faculty & Staff/ Per Course Instructor/ Undergraduate/ Writing & Rhetoric

After graduating from Dartmouth College and Yale Law School, Tom Gidley practiced law in Providence for 39 years. In 2000, having retired from the practice of law, he entered the Graduate School at URI and earned both an M. A. (2002) and a Ph. D. (2008) in English. He taught his first writing course at URI in 2002. He has taught WRT 104 Writing to Inform and Explain, WRT 105 Forms of College Writing, WRT 201 Argument, WRT 385, and WRT 388x Courses in Writing Workplace Proposals. He has collaborated with GTECH Corporation in WRT 201 and WRT 385 in teaching Proposal Writing. For several years Tom has also taught Health Law in Salve Regina University’s Graduate Program in Health Care Administration and Management.