Friesem, Yonty

Jonathan Friesem

Ph.D. student in the URI/RIC joint doctoral program in education. Manager of the Media Education Lab at the Harrington school of Communication And Media.

Faculty & Staff/ Graduate Student

Yonty Friesem is a PhD student in the joint PhD program in education at the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College. For the last fifteen years Jonathan worked with numbers of media youth organizations, Universities and Colleges in Israel. As a graduate from the Camera Obscura Art School in Tel-Aviv, he became a reporter for the local news and a producer in the national network. His global feature production ‘Yeladim Tovim” helped him to structure a powerful and effective program for youth media production in the educational system in Israel. Building two communication and cinema departments in high schools as well as teaching various populations of youth across the country, Jonathan became an advocate for the youth media movement in Israel. After receiving a M.A. in policy and management in education he continued to advocate for research on the impact of media production experiences of adolescent social and emotional development all around the world. Starting January 2012 Jonathan became the manager of the Media Education Lab at the Harrington School of Communication and Media.