The World of YouTube

The World of YouTube

Current Students / Harrington School-Wide

New ways of viewing, making, and re-making film


Professor Rebecca Romanow is teaching a unique online course in Summer Session I (May 19-June 20) exploring the role of YouTube in the development of film as art, entertainment, personal expression, and political and commercial tool.


Entitled, YouTube Film: Mashups, Mixes, Memes and Movies, this new course is offered as a section of FLM 352.  According to Professor Romanow, “Ever since the beginning of film in the late 19th century, cinema has been moved forward by technical experimentation.”


Today, the increasing sophistication of technology has led to an entirely new way to consider what film is, how it is made, who   watches it, and how it is consumed.  The creation of YouTube in 2005 opened the doors not only to new ways of viewing film, but also, alongside of computer and smartphone technology, to ways of making, re-making, and re-contextualizing films.