PR Symposium: Developing Your Personal Brand

PR Symposium: Developing Your Personal Brand

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Your personal brand is not what you think of yourself, but how others perceive you,Amy Carbone of FM Global said to Public Relations majors earlier this month at the Harrington School of Communication and Media’s PR Summit, Developing Your Personal Brand, which was organized by Regina Bell, a PR faculty member. “The best way to get a feel for what comprises your personal brand is to ask your colleagues and peers how they would define your personality and work ethic. I asked people who[m] I worked closely [with] to define my personal brand, and they kindly defined me in ways that I never would’ve thought of.”

Other alumni who spoke at the event included Jamie Elizabeth DelVecchio of South County Hospital, Kelly Harris of the Friends of Gina Raimondo Campaign, Jocelyn Kelly of Citizens Bank, and Caitlin O’Donnell of CVS Health. After introducing themselves, the panelists discussed the importance of developing a personal brand in college and after graduation.

The panelists and Public Relations students also met in break-out sessions where they asked questions about personal branding, life after graduating, and networking tactics. According to Jamie, an important strategy for earning a job after graduating is to know how to brand yourself to potential employers on social media.

“LinkedIn is the perfect platform to showcase your strengths,” Jamie said. “However, you should also create a physical and digital portfolio to showcase during an interview. Making a copy of this portfolio is essential; you want to be able to give the interviewer the portfolio without having to ask for it back.”

At the end of the symposium, the students and panelists were encouraged to exchange contact information, business cards, and LinkedIn invites.

“Personal brand is something we’re constantly working on,” said Kelly. “Even the way we present ourselves in this room tells a story about our character.”

‘Telling the Story’–that’s what the Harrington School is all about!