New Harrington Rangers Selected

New Harrington Rangers Selected

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We are excited to announce that the 2014-2015 Harrington Rangers have been selected!

This group of talented students went through a competitive interview process to attain the role as brand ambassadors and peer advisors for the Harrington School of Communication and Media.  The selected students, who are in one or more of the Harrington School majors, have demonstrated academic success, strong leadership skills, and community and/or university involvement.


Welcome our new Rangers

  • Devyn Branick, sophomore, Communication Studies and Film/Media
  • Courtney Dempsey, sophomore, Communication Studies, Minor Business
  • Anita Frias, sophomore, Communication Studies, Minor Leadership Studies
  • Allie Herrera, junior, Journalism and Spanish, Minor Nutrition
  • Sara Holland, senior, Communication Studies
  • Henry Mills, senior, Public Relations, Minor Journalism and Leadership Studies
  • Christopher Morris, sophomore, Film/Media

Welcome back our second year Harrington Rangers

  • Emma Clarke, junior, Public Relations and French
  • Matt Sirois, junior, Communication Studies and Film/Media, Minor Leadership Studies
  • Nicolas Vener, junior, Public Relations and Marketing

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