Internship Advice to the Newly Employed

Internship Advice to the Newly Employed

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     Emily Haworth is determined to inspire other students in the Harrington School by writing in her blog, The Savvy Intern, tips, tricks, and insights into making the very most of every internship experience.

     In her blog, Emily shares how to’s, such as dealing with difficult colleagues, obtaining letters of recommendation, and various ways of impressing your supervisor. For those who are newly employed, this blog is essential reading.

     Emily began writing her blog after completing three internships in New York City: two with the fashion pr firms Seventh House PR and  PR Consulting, and another with designer Anne Bowen.

     As Emily admits, “I am lucky to have had three very different internship experiences, and I gained valuable insight from each of them. Ultimately, I want to remember the most important lessons I took away from my internships. I decided that writing a personal collection of blog posts would be the best way to document the details of my experience and to share them with others for the sake of offering advice.”

     As Emily’s internships reveal, she is interested in pursuing a career in the fashion PR industry. She aspires to someday work for a fashion magazine, designer, or in a fashion PR firm. Emily’s successful internships have given her practical, hands-on experience in the PR field, and she feels completely ready for a full-time job in the industry. Thankfully, her internships have given her plenty of opportunity to develop a professional network too.

Haworth“The PR program and the Harrington School provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge that I can confidently apply to my professional goals and experiences. I am proud to be graduating from the Harrington School with a degree in public relations. I hope the Public Relations program at URI continues to grow and thrive with the help of Regina Bell who has worked hard to nurture the program throughout my years at URI,” says Emily. Emily praises Regina Bell for being not only an incredible adviser, but a mentor and teacher as well, providing her with ample personal guidance and attention whenever needed.

By: Nichole Sarkis