Baldwin for Books supports CF Digital

Baldwin for Books supports CF Digital

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On Saturday night, Alec Baldwin visited Rhode Island for an evening of drinks and drama in support of the Adams Memorial Library and its new initiative, CF Digital. The CF Digital project seeks to enhance the digital and media literacy skills of students in Central Falls and the surrounding communities. For more information watch the CF Digital video.

The purpose of the Baldwin for Books fundraiser was to help raise awareness and funds to keep the library and its programs running. It would provide access to computers, the internet and other digital resources for those who don’t have such resources at home.

Dr. Renee Hobbs, founding Director of the Harrington School, recited a poem at the event and Assistant Director of the Media Education Lab of the Harrington School, Jonathan Friesem, was also in attendance.

The Boston Globe highlighted the event and Baldwin’s generous contributions in today’s news.

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