Student Resources for Library & Information Studies

Student Resources for Library & Information Studies

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Thank you for visiting the Student Resources Page!  The below document is a list of resources you may find useful at the start, during, or near the end of your MLIS program such as forms, form instructions, FAQs, campus links, and career development help.

Thank you for visiting the Student Resources Page!  In this document, you will find a list of resources you may find useful at the start, during, or near the end of your MLIS program.


General Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to frequently asked questions, including information regarding applying to the program, where to send transcripts, and enrolling in classes.
  • Campus Links All administrative, technology, transportation & parking, health & well-being, and service website links will be featured in this PDF.
  • Admissions Procedures – Information on tuition, financial aid, matriculation, and registration.
  • Incoming Student Checklist – Information on the steps you should complete upon entering the GSLIS program.
  • GSLIS Orientation LibGuide – Created by Student ALA, this LibGuide will answer any questions you have about obtaining your Student ID, getting your parking pass & parking on campus, using the library, and navigating e-Campus, Sakai, and URI Webmail.
  • LibGuide for GSLIS – This guide will give you step-by step instructions on how to find resource materials for your classes including books, journal articles, helpful links, and professional resources.
  • URI Library Liaison – Need help navigating and using the University Libraries? Have questions about locating and evaluating information for your GSLIS assignment, projects and research? Consult your URI Library Liaison: Mary MacDonald (professor): (Instant Messenger): (401) 874-4635
  • URI Disability Services for Students – Information on assistance available for your studies. This resource guide, along with this resource guide might be of assistance as well.


Career Planning


Technology Self-Assessment



We are currently in the process of transforming all Graduate School forms. The majority of the new forms can be filled in digitally, signed digitally, and submitted electronically. During this period of transition we will accept paper versions of these forms but prefer that you submit the digital versions, if possible. If you submit a hard copy, please bring or send the original and one copy to the Graduate School, 204 Quinn Hall.


  • Residency Application Instructions
  • Proof of Residency Application – The Certificate of Residency form that proves New England or RI residency should be taken to your town clerk and then stamped and mailed or dropped off to our office in original form. It cannot be faxed or emailed. Click here for a list of documents that can certify your residency with your town clerk.
    • Form can be mailed to: University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies , 94 West Alumni Avenue, Rodman Hall, Room 103, Kingston, RI 02881
  • Petition for Residency
  • Re-enrollment Application
  • Prior Approval for Off-Campus Graduate Study
  • Non-Degree Application Form – For students interested in taking courses in our program prior to official acceptance, you may submit the following form to Enrollment Services and begin taking classes in the current semester. You will be able to register for classes one week prior to the start of the semester to ensure course availability for students currently in the program.
  • Program of Study Form – Program of Study forms are due to the Student Affairs Office, by e- mail, by the end of your first semester in the program. This form should be completed and reviewed by your faculty adviser prior to submission. Every time a change is made to your Program of Study, you must review the change with your faculty adviser, fill out a new form, and submit to the Student Affairs Office as soon as possible. Important: the Graduate School does not accept initial Program of Study forms in a student’s final semester of graduate study.
  • Nominate to Graduate Form – This form should be submitted to the Student Services Office, by email, for processing.
    • Very Important! Your final updated Program of Study form must have been submitted to the Student Services Office prior to your submission of the Nomination for Graduation form. These forms cannot be turned in together on the deadline. The Graduate School cannot guarantee that you will graduate on time if you submit your Nomination for Graduation form late and without having previously submitted your final updated Program of Study.
    • To verify that you have an updated Program of Study form or need assistance filling out your Nomination for Graduation form, please contact the Student Services Office or contact the GSLIS Office (401) 874-2878 for help a minimum of four months before your intended graduation date.
  • Petition to Appeal the Add or Drop Deadline 
  • Application Leave of Absence



How to Stay Connected

Stay informed with GSLIS’ important information and news:

Professional Networking:


Recommended LIS Blogs

Weblogs (or blogs) are rapidly becoming a dominant form of information dissemination. It is recommended that students read professional blogs as a way to keep up to date on the most current information and events in the Library and Information Science profession.