Professional Field Experience (PFE)

Professional Field Experience (PFE)

Graduate School of Library and Information SciencesProfessional Field Experience

One of the most important experiences of graduate education at the Harrington School of Communication and Media is the opportunity to explore the relationship between theory and practice through real-world field experiences. In the GSLIS program, the Professional Field Experience (LSC595) gives students hands-on opportunities to understand the challenges and delights of professional librarianship in public, academic, and school libraries and other non-profit organizations, museums or other cultural institutions.

Professional Field Experience (PFE) is a 3-credit capstone course for students seeking an MLIS degree.  Prerequisite for LSC 595 is the completion of at least 18 hours of GSLIS course work with a B average.

Host sites may require or prefer relevant electives. Students will not ordinarily be permitted to pursue a PFE in the library or institution in which they are employed.

Potential Site Supervisors

The site supervisor must hold an ALA-accredited master’s degree or comparable qualifications, and must be willing and able to mentor a student. Refer to URI’s PFE Supervisor Guidelines to learn more about the responsibilities of being a GSLIS Site Supervisor. If you are willing to host a current GSLIS student, please describe the opportunities that may be available at your library, museum, non-profit organization, or cultural institution.

Looking for a PFE?

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If you see an opportunity you might be interested in, feel free to contact the site supervisor that is listed to set up an interview, or contact your PFE faculty supervisor to assist you. Also keep your eyes out for our PFE Open House events that are held in the fall and spring semesters. Many PFE supervisors will be attending the Open Houses and this is your chance to meet them first-hand and make a lasting

Credit by Examination

Students entering GSLIS with significant professional experience may apply for three credits by examination for this course, as described in the Graduate School Manual,Section 7.30. To qualify, the student’s experience must be professional rather than paraprofessional or clerical in nature. Credit by Examination will consist of a portfolio reflecting on the student’s professional experience and achievements in the context of the GSLIS.

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