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Internships & Career Resources

IMG_9109Potential Careers

Below is a list of potential careers you can get with your Master’s of Library and Information Studies degree.


A librarian helps people solve problems by using information power. Whether working in a public or academic library or in a museum archive, librarians work one-on-one with people and artifacts. They advocate for libraries as a vital community resource. Librarians also help people learn new skills with digital and social media, find and enjoy books, and gather and evaluate high-quality and reliable information from databases and the Internet. If you’re someone who loves libraries and loves helping people, you might enjoy being a librarian.

Information Manager

Information managers help regulate the flow of information in an organization. They help decide the best way to accurately disseminate information to people who need it. That means thinking deeply about security and creating structures flexible enough to allow for constant change. If you listen well, think clearly, and like analyzing problems and developing solutions, you might like being an information manager.

School Library Media Specialist

School library media specialists work with both students and teachers to promote learning. They find new resources — from children’s picture books to digital resources and social media tools — to help children and teens broaden their academic horizons. If you are a collaborator, change agent and leader, you might like being a school library media specialist.