Admissions Procedures

Admissions Procedures

Admissions Procedures

The GSLIS Admissions Committee will evaluate completed applications once all materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) have been submitted online. After review by the Director, the Committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the Graduate School. Final decision on admission rests with the dean of the Graduate School. The applications packet is considered as a whole.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for full-time and part-time URI graduate students are listed at Enrollment Services. Residents of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont qualify for regional rates under the New England Board of Higher Education tuition break program. GSLIS courses taught in conjunction with Worcester State University and the University of New Hampshire are administered through the Special Programs Office of URI’s Feinstein College of Continuing Education. In lieu of tuition, a flat fee is charged for these courses; see our Course Schedules for the current amount.


 Financial Aid

Most URI financial aid is administered through the Financial Aid Office, which is located in Green Hall, on the Kingston campus (401-874- 2314). Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships from other sources. Application deadlines for GSLIS Scholarships are October 15 (for scholarships given in the spring term) and February 15 (for scholarships given in the summer or fall term). Many GSLIS students find employment in area libraries to help finance their education. Some have qualified for financial assistance through their state libraries, their state library associations, the American Library Association or other organizations. Opportunities for assistantships, internships, and jobs are posted to the student listserv, GSLISSTU, as received.


Matriculation and Registration

Admitted Students

Once you receive a letter of admission from the URI Graduate School and accept your admission, you will be considered matriculated (active in the program). A follow-up letter from GSLIS will list your initial academic advisor.

  • How to activate your e-Campus account: Click on “First Time Users Register Here!,” on the left, then follow the instructions.
  • When to register for classes: Check the detailed academic calendar from Enrollment Services to learn the registration time for newly matriculated students.
  • How to register for classes: Registration is online. Follow the “Step-by-Step Guide to e-Campus for Students” to find directions.
  • When to contact your academic advisor: Contact your advisor to outline a program of study by the end of your first semester. If you wish to take electives in your first term and need advice when faculty members are unavailable, you may e-mail Dr. Valerie Karno,

Deferring Admission

You may petition to defer your admission for up to a year after the term for which you were initially admitted. To do so, notify the Dr. Valerie Karno, Director of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, in writing (, with a brief explanation of your reasons. The Director’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Deans of the Graduate School for a final decision.


Maintaining Active Status

To maintain active status in the program, you must be continuously enrolled. This means you must register for at least one URI course each fall and spring from the time you matriculate until graduation. (See “Graduate Study Registration.” Note that summer session attendance is not required for continuous enrollment.) If you plan not to enroll in a fall or spring semester, consult with your academic advisor and/or the GSLIS Student Affairs Office in advance. Typical situations: A life emergency forces you to withdraw from school for a semester or a year. You write a petition for Leave of Absence to the Director of GSLIS, including a brief explanation and the date at which you plan to resume your program. The Director forwards it with the GSLIS recommendation to the Deans of the Graduate School. You wish to take a specialized course at another institution for transfer into your program. Your advisor evaluates the course, and if it is appropriate, helps you add it to your Program of Studies, along with supporting detail to facilitate approval by the Director and the Deans of the Graduate School. You also file a Prior Approval Form to that you are still considered an active student during your absence. By contacting GSLIS in advance, you avoid fees for continuous registration and petitioning for readmission to the program.  To find this forms, visit the Student Resources page.