Resume Workshop, GSLIS

5 Mar 2014

Library & Information Studies

Library jobLearn tips for getting your dream job at the “Resume Workshop.”

DATE: March 5, 2014

TIME: 5 – 8 p.m.

LOCATION: Cranston Public Library, Central Branch


This workshop will include librarian panelists who have been on hiring committees recently, and who will share with you their perspective on the essential elements of a good resume and cover letter. The panelists will also include a couple of librarians who were recently hired into their dream positions and they will share with you their “winning” resumes!


In addition, there will be an interactive portion, where you will break into teams and will “pretend” to be on a hiring committee yourself, reviewing resumes and selecting your “top 3” for the in-person interviews. 


Please RSVP to Stefanie Metko at if you would like to attend.