Latina Media and Feminist Ideologies

18 Mar 2014

Communication Studies/ Graduate Student/ Harrington School-Wide/ Research

The Gender and Women’s Studies Program is hosting a talk by Dr. Marilda OvideoOviedo

When: Tuesday, March 18 from 12:30-1:45pm.
Location: Atrium 2 of the Memorial Union

The event is free and open to the public

Details: Post-feminist thought on media targeted at adolescent girls focuses mostly on the negative impact that ideologies like conspicuous consumption and body image surveillance have on adolescent self-conceptualization of identity. Few studies use post-feminist frameworks to examine the dominant ideologies of advocacy or non-profit media organizations. This lecture will e xpand on an on-going research project that examines the dominant ideologies found in two online magazines hosted by an organization that advocates for media education of Latina adolescents. Findings show that feminist ideologies far outnumber some of the traditional ideologies likely to be advocated by mainstream, commercial media. However, for an organization aimed at media education of Latinas, talk of ethnicity/race was limited. This implies the need for more feminist scholarship on 1) the intersectionality of ethnicity and gender and its impact on adolescent identity formation and 2) the capacity of noncommercial media to counter the ideologies found in mainstream media

About Dr. Oviedo: Dr. Oviedo is a Multicultural Faculty Fellow in Communication Studies at the University of Rhode Island. She received her Ph. D. in Mass Communications from the University of Iowa. Her research interests are cultural identity, media representations of ethnicity/race, and gender, and participatory media.