Harrington School LLC Move-In Day

30 Aug 2014

Harrington School-Wide/ Headlines/ Undergraduate Student

As the new school year approaches, we are excited to welcome our new and returning students back to Kingston campus! This year is especially exciting as the Harrington School of Communication and Media will host its own Living and Learning Community (LLC) in Weldin Hall! All study sessions and specific information pertaining to the five undergraduate programs of the Harrington School will be tailored for residents of Weldin Hall.

The Resident Academic Mentor (R.A.M.) for the Weldin Hall Harrington School LLC is Marissa DeOliveira who could not be more excited for move-in day on August 30th! She believes that the switch from sharing a dorm with Psychology to having its own Harrington School specific hall will allow students the opportunity to connect with their peers and create study groups together. “This will allow residents to have the most information about their major possible all from the comfort of their dorm room!”

DeOliveira adds, “I am most excited this year to be given the opportunity to be a mentor as well as make connections with all of the first-year students living in Weldin!”

Move-in day is set for August 30th where Harrington School students will settle in and start the new school year off on the right foot. We can’t wait to see you there!