Climate Forum

19 Mar 2014

Current Students/ Harrington School-Wide/ Informal Learning Opportunities

What Rhode Island Can Do

From rising oceans to severe storms such as hurricane Sandy and winter storm Nemo to record heat waves, floods, and droughts, the challenges posed by climate change are intensifying around the world, the US, and in Rhode Island with its 420 mile shoreline … while it lasts.
DATE: March 19, 2014

TIME: 7pm

LOCATION: Lippitt Hall, Room 402, URI Kingston, RI 02881
Rhode Island is already experiencing the effects.  From big storms to urban heat, the challenges posed by climate change are on the rise. Forum speakers will outline the challenges climate change poses for communities and governance. There will be a discussion about how Rhode Island can respond to climate change in a way that taps its creative capacity to implement existing solutions, find new ones so as to better the lives of all its citizens. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the conversation and new climate initiatives.

Speakers at the Climate Forum will include:

  • Margiana Petersen-Rockney / Rosasharn Farm, Young Farmer’s Network
  • Julian Rodriguez-Drix / Environmental Justice League
  • Jim Bruckshaw / OSHA Consultant from Matunuck
  • Judith Swift / URI Coastal Institute and Harrington School
  • ECO Youth organizers such as Abe Vargas, Kendra Monzon, and Juliana Rodriguez

Sponsored by:
* Rhode Island Student Climate Coalition, a statewide alliance of students and youth working for a clean, safe, and just future for all
* Fossil Free Rhode Island,  action for climate justice, urging public institutions that divestment from fossil fuels is the only ethical choice
* URI Multicultural Center, dedicated to the development through social justice, change and empowerment of a campus united across culture, identity, and discipline