Brownbag Presentation/ Practice Job Talk

6 Dec 2013

Communication Studies/ Film/Media/ Harrington School-Wide/ Journalism/ Library & Information Studies/ Public Relations/ Writing & Rhetoric

“You can’t just learn that knowledge—that unspoken knowledge”:
Firefighters’ multimodal literacies

Timothy R. Amidon, PhD candidate in English (Rhetoric and Composition)

Join PhD candidate Timothy Amidon as he hosts a lunchtime discussion on Friday, December 6th. This will be an informal presentation consisting of two parts: 30 minutes for the talk and 30 minutes for discussion.

DATE: Friday, 6 December
TIME: 12pm
Firefighters utilize an array of literacies to communicate, construct knowledge, and coordinate work activities within dynamic, uncertain environments that—by their very nature as emergencies—tend to obfuscate such aims. The soundscape of a fireground alone, for instance, is an cacophonic aggregate of apparatus and chainsaws rumbling, axes and ladders clanging, q-sirens and air-horns reverberating, fire popping and crackling, as well as, and voices and radio messages carrying information. Tim will share digital artifacts collected during field-observations which demonstrate notable examples of the multimodal genres that circulate within firegrounds. Situating his work within existing research in professional and technical communication, he argues that firefighters organize and interrelate these genres for sophisticated meditational and communicative aims. His findings challenge predominant understandings of knowledge work as a white-collar, symbolic-analytic activity.
Cookies will be provided; bring your lunch! Audience questions and feedback are welcome.
Timothy Amidon presentation