Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

We use the power of face-to-face communication, writing, and digital media to share meaning. Blending tradition and innovation, we help develop the new competencies required to thrive as both authors and audiences and we initiate new approaches to the creation, use and critical evaluation of digital media, social media, mass media and popular culture.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy is a 12-credit graduate program that enables educators, librarians and media professionals to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies required for full participation in a read/write culture where active participation in a knowledge community requires the skillful use, creation and sharing of digital texts, tools and technologies. This program features the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, held on the Providence CCE campus July 24 – 29, which attracts 100 educators, librarians, college faculty and media professionals from across the nation for an intensive 6-day program. The program is co-sponsored by the URI School of Education and the URI Harrington School of Communication and Media.

Media Education Lab

Graduate students collaborate with faculty at the Media Education Lab, which advances media literacy education through scholarship and community service by:

  • Providing public programs, educational services, community outreach, and multimedia curriculum resources targeted to the needs of educators and learners in school and after-school settings; and
  • Developing and implementing a multidisciplinary research agenda to explore the educational impact of media and technology, with a focus on digital and media literacy education as an expanded conceptualization of literacy.

Online Scholarly Journal

The University of Rhode Island is proud to be home of the Journal of Media Literacy Education, an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal of the National Association for Media Literacy Education. Renee Hobbs and Paul Mihailidis, Assistant Professor of Media & Marketing at Emerson College are co-editors.

DML Research Opportunities