Dick Harrington’s Vision

Dick Harrington’s Vision

Dick Harrington’s Vision

Harrington, Dick

Chairman, Cueball

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“Success in business depends on three things:

strategy, people, and performance.”

Richard J. Harrington


Perhaps no words better capture Dick Harrington’s formula for success in business and life than those written above. Dick transformed the Thomson Corporation from a legacy holding company worth $6 billion into Thomson-Reuters, a global media and information powerhouse valued at over $33 billion in less than ten years. Driven by perpetual intellectual curiosity, Dick invested his time and money to transform himself from being a student, to a practitioner, and ultimately a master of strategy. What distinguished Dick from his contemporaries is that he did not limit strategic thinking to the executive suite; he made it mandatory for all 55,000 of his employees to understand and practice strategic thinking. Transferring knowledge is what Dick Harrington does for a living in the corporate world and now he is directing his focus on the academic world.

Today Dick is investing his time, money, and effort to transform his alma mater URI into a regional, national and eventually a global powerhouse known for its strategy-driven curriculum and outstanding academic and research programs. The new tagline for the Harrington School embodies Dick’s philosophy: Challenging You to Think, Create, and Communicate.