All members of the University community are encouraged to visit, work, and stay in the Writing Center. While you are in the Writing Center, respect the work and rights of others and the University’s community standards of behavior. Please be particularly attentive to how your activities might disrupt others’ work; the Writing Center is primarily a place for learning and study, so loud or unruly behavior is especially out of place.

In general, tutorial sessions last 45 minutes. Writers visiting the Writing Center are discouraged from making multiple appointments in one day or more than a few appointments in a given week. In general, we do not edit, correct, or “fix” errors (or drafts).

Writers are encouraged to use https://uri.mywconline.com/ to cancel appointments if they can no longer attend a scheduled time. The Writing Center is in very high demand, and missed appointments take time away from other students who also want writing tutoring. Students who miss three scheduled appointments within one semester are blocked from scheduling additional appointments for the rest of the term, and so it is important to cancel and reschedule an appointment if you cannot attend.

Why don’t tutors edit (or “fix”) writers’ drafts? Editing and proofreading are difficult practices to develop, yet their use is critical to writing processes of all kinds. At the Writing Center, we can teach strategies for revising prose and for recognizing and avoiding errors. However, we do not edit, correct, or “fix” errors (or drafts). Put simply, we are teachers: not editors.