Join the Staff

Join the Staff

At the Writing Center, we employ both undergraduate and graduate student tutors. Undergraduate tutors are trained in WRT 353, “Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy” (3 credits). Graduate students may contact the director to learn about tutoring opportunities.

Are Writing Center tutors paid an hourly rate? Yes! Tutors qualified through WRT 353 and recommended by a faculty member are paid according to the University’s student payscale.

Why do tutors work in the Writing Center? Tutors work in the Center to gain one-to-one teaching experience, to burnish their communicative skills and academic credentials, and to earn income. Undergraduate tutors may receive academic credit for a practicum supervised by the Center’s Director (WRT 383: Field Experience in Writing Consultancy).

How many hours per week do tutors work in the Writing Center? Undergraduate tutors’ may be limited to 10 hours per week. Graduate tutors’ hours will vary. All tutors attend the Center’s weekly staff meeting.

How do I get hired? Undergraduate students must register for WRT 353: Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy. Toward the end of the term, a coordinator will connect you with the Writing Center Director, who will help you apply for a position and register for WRT 383.