Information for Instructors

Information for Instructors

Encouraging a visit to the Writing Center is a great way to enrich your students’ learning. The Writing Center can also improve your students’ performance in your course.

How can I encourage my students to visit the Writing Center? Many students who visit the Writing Center have been encouraged by an instructor to do so, and instructors strongly shape their students’ views of the Writing Center. To encourage your students to visit the Writing Center, try some or all of the following:

  • Tell your students about the Writing Center, including in your course’s syllabus. In their syllabi, many Writing & Rhetoric instructors use the following statement:

Located on the Roosevelt Hall’s 4th floor, the Writing Center offers one-to-one tutoring appointments, group appointments, drop-in tutorials, and resources for writers. Our tutors can help student writers understand assignments, conduct research, and learn proofreading strategies. Encourage your students to make an appointment online by visiting WCOnline. For more information, visit the Writing Center’s Web site at

  • Encourage your students to use the Writing Center as a general resource, available to them for any of their writing projects in any of their classes. Make sure students understand that our tutors work with all kinds of writers at all levels—the Writing Center is not for remediation. Or, consider providing extra credit for all students who try the Writing Center at least once during the semester.
  • Consider requesting a class visit. A Writing Center tutor can come to your class in the first two weeks of the semester to give a brief presentation about our services. To arrange a visit, please contact the Writing Center with information about your course, its meeting time, and its location. Writing Center bookmarks, which list our hours and contact information, are also available for distribution to your students during these visits.
  • Suggest a visit for a student. Mention the possibility of working with a tutor while you are meeting with a student in your office hours. Suggest one or two specific areas you would like the student to address with a tutor. After your student’s visit, try to reinforce improvements you notice in your student’s writing.

Will my students find help at the Writing Center? At the Writing Center, we work with students in many kinds of courses, at many levels, and in many different disciplines. To ensure your students get the help they need, tell us about your students’ writing projects. Send project or assignment descriptions to the Writing Center, or write for a conversation about the writing you assign in your courses.