FAQ for Students

FAQ for Students

What should I expect from a Writing Center appointment? To make our interactions with writers as rich as possible, we fit our one-to-one appointments to each writer’s situation. However, all appointments are designed around the following principles:

  • The writer, not the tutor, sets the agenda for the session.
  • Most tutorials focus on one or two major issues per session.
  • Writers learn to do the work for themselves; tutors may demonstrate, guide, and suggest, but the goal is for the writer to learn one or two strategies well enough to replicate them independently outside the tutorial.
  • Major issues addressed can range widely, depending on the needs of the writer, and they are negotiated at the beginning of each session. Issues addressed may include
    • Understanding the assignment
    • Trying different organizational strategies
    • Analyzing the audience
    • Learning to proofread for errors
    • Formatting for document design
  • Return visits are are always encouraged.

What should I bring to my appointment at the Writing Center? Student writers should consider bringing some or all of the following:

  • An assignment sheet and course syllabus, if applicable
  • Notes and rough drafts
  • A list of specific questions or writing issues you’d like to work on

Professional and academic writers may wish to bring model documents, specialized style and citation guides, or research or other project materials.

Is the Writing Center only for writing classes? No. We work with students of all levels on any writing task required for any subject.

I am doing ok in my class. Can I still come to the Writing Center? Of course! Whether you are developing or refining your writing techniques, speaking with someone about ideas and approaches to writing projects can be beneficial. In fact, we tutors often help each other strengthen our own writing as we go. Even professional writers seek multiple sets of advice and suggestions before they publish.

Is online tutoring available?  Yes. We now offer some online tutoring sessions. When you make your appointment, there is a box that asks “Meet Online?” and next to that box is a description of the tutor’s availability. When you schedule an online session, remember that:

  • These sessions happen in real time, and just like face-to-face appointments, the tutor is there to help the student strengthen writing skills
  • You and your tutor will click the appointment at the scheduled time in order to log into the system
  • You can upload a document that you would like to work on, and you and your tutor can speak through a chat window at the bottom right side of the screen
  • If your computer is equipped with a video camera and microphone, you can also speak with your tutor through a video chat that is a lot like Skype

Some tutors are available for face-to-face sessions in the Writing Center on the 4th floor of Roosevelt. Other tutors are available for online appointments that you can have from your home computer. Please make sure that you choose a tutoring session that meets your needs.

I was really hoping to see a tutor tomorrow, but the appointments that fit my schedule are booked. What can I do? It is a good idea to schedule your Writing Center sessions ahead of time. The writing tutors are in high demand, and so sometimes it is difficult to find an ideal appointment time on short notice. If this happens, you can click a booked appointment to join a waitlist. This means that, if that student cancels, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the appointment has become available and you can book the appointment.

Something unexpected came up. Can I cancel my appointment? Of course. It is easy to cancel an appointment by logging into uri.mywconline.com, clicking on your appointment, and following the directions to cancel the appointment.