Students learn in the corporate classroom

Students learn in the corporate classroom

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By: Kelly Cucciniello, Public Relations Major, Class of 2017

Thirteen Harrington School students enrolled in Harrington’s Career Rhode Trip took their learning outside of the classroom and into the fast-paced environment of media corporations in New York City during the 2016-2017 winter break.

“It made everything I’ve learned in the classroom tangible,” said junior public relations student Jakob Frenette.

Career Rhode Trip is a one-week networking opportunity where students get the chance to experience the professional world and put their classroom knowledge to work. The course is taught by adjunct professor Gail Alofsin, who taught students how to build a personal brand before taking them to network with professionals in NYC.

Some of these destinations included CBS Local Digital, Pepsi, Momentum Worldwide, HBO, and Twitter. Along with visiting and touring companies, students were able to sit down and network with URI Alumni and Harrington Board members at various dinners.

Frenette said the dinners with alumni and board members were one of the most useful parts of the trip.

“You can tell they actually cared about students,” he said. “They didn’t get anything out of talking to us, they were genuinely interested in helping us.”